Detectives Of the Paranormal
we believe in what others refuse to

                                     Welcome to the site that could potentially change your life

We here at the DOP believe there is much more out there than meets the eye. We are here to prove that. Make believers out of those who wouldn't bother batting an eyelash at the paranormal. We aren't here to write anyone off who feels they are objected to other dimensional activity. We are here to prove there are subsequential phenomena out there. 

We are a start out business right now, and your stories and contributions will help immensely. We are in the hopes that more and more people out there will become aware of their surroundings... Or what lurks behind their surroundings... Just because we are not able to see something, doesn't mean it doesn't exhist. We are out there to inform those with viable evidence that spirits, ghouls, spectres, poltergeist, and demons are present in their everyday lives.... Do you have one?

F.Y.I. We will be posting videos of our investigations to youtube once we have our quota.

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